Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ann Stampler: Our Farewell Episode

Hey everyone. This is a hard post to write. After we produced this episode, Allison and I decided that it was time for us to hang up our mics. Now that we live on opposite ends of the West Coast, it has just become a challenge to put these podcasts together. We have had SO much fun doing this, but we don't want to provide you with an interview that is subpar. What can I say? We're perfectionists.

We've both got a lot going on outside of the podcast-- our families, for one thing, but also our careers. I'd be honored if you kept up with my voiceover adventures on my Facebook page. Allison is keeping her plate full as the manager for YALSA's YA lit blog, The Hub. And, of course, you can always find us on Twitter at @IHeartYourBook and @alli_librarian. We really appreciate you listening to us over the years, and would love to keep those connections going.

And although we're hanging up our mics right now, neither of us have been willing to say it's forever, so you never know when we might pop up again with a surprise author interview or some other project. We're keeping the door open.

So, today we say goodbye for now via this post and share with you a final episode with the fabulous Ann Stampler, author of Where It Began and Afterparty.

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Podcast hosting courtesy of Intro music by 46bliss. Special thanks to our sound engineer, Marc Conrad Tabula, for his awesome audio editing skills. 

--> Thank you everyone - our engineer Marc, authors, publishers, publicists and most of all, our listeners, for making the past few years a fabulous adventure. We have loved every minute of it.

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  1. Allison and Michelle, thank you both so much for all you've done on this site! You've interviewed many of my favourite authors and introduced me to some new ones too. All the best in your future projects!


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