Thursday, November 29, 2012

Karen Cushman: November Podcast

Over the summer, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Newbery Medal winning author, Karen Cushman, when she was in Los Angeles for the SCBWI conference.

We chatted with Karen about her writing, what it was like to win the Newbery Medal (and Honor!), and all about her latest book, Will Sparrow's Road. In addition to being an incredible author, Karen is simply a lovely person, and we were honored (and more than a little awed) to speak with her. 

In this episode, we also share our book picks of the month: Michelle chose Princess of the Silver Woods, by Jessica Day George, and Allison chose The Fire Chronicle, by John Stephens.

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Now that you've enjoyed the interview, we have an awesome giveaway for you! Comment on this post by Thursday, December 13, either tell us your favorite Karen Cushman book, and why you love it OR why you should be made a "Princess for the Day". We'll send one lucky winner a prize pack that includes a paperback copy of Catherine, Called Birdy, signed by Karen Cushman, and a hardcover of Princess of the Silver Woods, by Jessica Day George. (Many thanks to Bloomsbury for providing the copy of Princess of the Silver Woods.) Contest open to US residents only. Please include your email with your blog comment or Twitter account, so we can notify the winner. Good luck!

EDIT: Entries are now closed. Thanks to for selecting "Reader Roberts" as our winner!

Be sure to visit Karen Cushman's Web site to keep up with her latest news, and drop by her publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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  1. My favorite Karen Cushman book is "Midwife's Apprentice" because I have fond memories of reading it in elementary school and doing a totally kick ass book report on it. Also, it was one of the first historical fiction novels I read - and I ended up being a history major in college! Karen Cushman started me down that path!


  2. Catherine Called Birdy is my favorite Karen Cushman book. There is so much humor in Catherine's story. I was sad when I got to the end and would have loved her to continue her story. A close second was The Midwife's Apprentice. The opening to that story is so awesome. I use it every year for a lesson on great beginnings.

  3. I haven't even read a KC book! Um, I need to like GET ON THAT. BUT I want to read Midwife's Apprentice! Looks totally adorbs. :D So since I haven't, I guess I need to say why I would be a Princess.

    Um because then I could say I'd had experience and I'd have Stuff to use for my books, if I ever end up writing the princess ones... Tehe. Plus I'd be so hot and lovely that they'd just have to write a fairy-tale for me, and I mean, COME ON. Who doesn't want a fairy-tale written about them?!!! Talk about a Happily Ever After....Ah anyway.

    Lovely as always girls! Keep up the 'casting!
    XX, Inky @ <3 Inky@ Book Haven Extraordinaire


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