Friday, June 15, 2012

Lynne Kelly: KidLit Corner Debut Author Edition

We love doing Debut Author Editions, and we love doing KidLit Corner episodes... so guess how much we loved doing a podcast that falls into both categories. Hint: A LOT! We had a great time interviewing author Lynne Kelly via Skype. Her first novel, Chained, is a stirring middle grade novel about the strong bond between a boy and an elephant, set in India.

It was fascinating to talk to Lynne about the research she did for this book, and how she made sure everything was completely authentic-- check out the interview!

You can learn more about Lynne at

Want to download this podcast? Click here for a mp3 or find us on iTunes.

Hosting courtesy of Intro music by 46bliss. Special thanks to our sound engineer Marc Conrad Tabula for his awesome job editing the interview. Please subscribe to Authors are ROCKSTARS! on iTunes so you'll never miss an episode!


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