Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cynthia Hand: May Podcast

We had the opportunity to sit down at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena to chat with the very lovely Cynthia Hand, author of Unearthly and Hallowed.

Among other things, we talked with her about what it's like to be a New York Times bestselling author, the differences between writing Unearthly as a yet-to-be-published writer and writing its sequel with the pressures of being under contract. Cynthia also responded to some listener questions, so tune in to see if she's Team Tucker or Team Christian!

We also share our book picks of the month: Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein, and Unraveling, by Elizabeth Norris (Sensing a theme? Two Elizabeths!).

Want to download this podcast? Click here for a mp3 or find us on iTunes.

Hosting courtesy of archive.org. Intro music by 46bliss. Special thanks to our sound engineer, Erica, for editing the interview in this episode. Our featured song this month is "You Ruined Everything" by Jonathan Coulton. Be sure to subscribe to Authors are ROCKSTARS! on iTunes so you don't miss an episode!

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