Thursday, April 5, 2012

Listeners - submit your questions for Josephine Angelini

Listeners and fellow StarHearts! We are excited to let you know that on Saturday morning, we'll be interviewing the lovely and talented Josephine Angelini, author of the Starcrossed series. The second book in her series is due to come out next month from HarperTeen. Josie joined us last year on the podcast for our May podcast and we're ecstatic to have her return this year.

If you have any questions you'd like us to ask Josie, send us a tweet at @AuthorsROCK or leave a comment here. We'll try to ask as many listener questions as possible. We may even have an extra special giveaway coming up.. where listeners who asked a question get extra points. So ask away folks! Deadline for questions is Friday night at 8pm Pacific.

EDIT: I should have noted this before, but no spoilers please! Keep the book fresh & exciting for new StarHearts as it was for you, okie dokie? :)


  1. Read Starcrossed and loved it!! My question is Hector became an outcast because he killed his cousin Creon after he killed Pandora...if they are supposed to kill kin killers why was it so bad that he killed Creon?

  2. Obviously, Authors are Rockstars! awaiting for the interview and the book...

  3. Hi! I read 'Starcrossed' and absolutely loved! I cannot wait for 'Dreamless'! So here's my question,
    In 'Dreamless' will we find out why Daphne has been lying to Helen about who her father is?

  4. Hey, I loved 'Starcrossed' and can't wait for 'Dreamless' to come out! :D Now, on to the question, or rather questions. (You don't have to answer them all, though i would love if you did ^^)
    1. Will Starcrossed become a movie?
    2. When will Dreamless be out in Sweden?
    3. When will the last book come out?
    4. Will it be more than three books?
    5. Will you ever come to Sweden and/or Greece?
    6. Are you planing on writing more books in the same genre as Starcrossed?
    7. Will we find out who Helen's father is in Dreamless?
    8. Where exactly are Hector living now when he's an outcast?

    I know that was a lot and all but.. yeah.
    Love, a huge Starcrossed fan (AKA StarHeart)^^ <3


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